… some DIY and some Etsy love.

This year we moved from Hawaii (our home for the past 5 years) to the Eastcoast and with the seasons changing fast I’m starting to feel a lot like Christmas. So, this felt like the perfect time for some inspiration on some beautiful and cozy minimalist Christmas decorations!

There is something truly magical about this time of the year. I can almost smell the scent of pine, candles and freshly baked gingerbread cookies. Every year my husband and I buy or create one new Christmas ornament for the tree, commemorating another wonderful year together. (5 years ago we moved into our first apartment together just a few days before Christmas.)

I have to admit that my taste for Christmas decoration has changed in recent years. If I loved the classic & elegant look before, today I prefer simple and clean minimalist-inspired decorations. Therefore in my first Christmas themed post, I collected for you some gorgeous ideas for minimalist Christmas decorations. Some fun DIY ones and some splendid Etsy finds. So let’s get festive, what’cha say? 🙂

1. DIY Minimalist Geometric Tree Ornaments

When it comes to minimalism, geometric designs are just my glowing Kryptonite! So I was extra stoked to have found this awesome tutorial by The MerryThought. Their geometric ornaments are simple enough to make an entire tree’s worth in an afternoon, but they’d also look gorgeous when tied to the front of all of your gifts this season or integrated into a simple wreath design. Oh, and by the way, they sourced the geometric shapes on Etsy, making this DIY quite the hybrid on this very merry list.

2. Black and white Minimalist Advent Calendar

I simply can’t remember any of my childhood Christmases without an advent calendar and though none of them were minimalist back then, to me they till this day embody the essence of Vorfreude /ˈfoːɐfrɔydə/ – the joyful anticipation that comes with this season. And I just love this one from typealive on Etsy. And clearly I am not the only one, so snag yours before she might stop making them. 🙂

3. DIY Mini Wood Christmas Trees

What would this jolly good season be without any trees? Am I right?! Well this tutorial by the fabulous Fiddle & Spoon will make you want to get your wood saw out before you can say gingerbread cookie (well, uhm technically that’s a long word and also she is actually using a cutter knife but who’s counting reindeer… ) And I just love how she finished them with a simple geometrical design. These will truly rock any minimalist Christmas.

May we never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

4. Concrete Christmas Tree Set

Maybe you are not so much into woodwork or just don’t have the time for DIY? Oh, you are gonna love these concrete Christmas trees by ConreteRaw on Etsy. You can choose from 3 gorgeous monochromatic options or combine them all. And the best thing? When the holiday season is over, they make excellent minimalist jewelry holders! Who doesn’t love some multi-functional goodness! 🙂

5. DIY Minimal Christmas Wreath

Now let’s also look at some ideas for your entrance or above the fireplace (lucky you!). I adore these wall hanging wreaths from Makers Society because they’re incredibly easy to make and they look great in any room. While you can pick any type of greenery to recreate this look, I love using eucalyptus to give it an even more minimal look. While the beauty of these wreaths is that they can be used all year long, they really shine when paired with other minimalist Christmas decor. (Possibly from this very list?! Geometric Ornaments anyone?) 🙂

6. Minimalist Art Prints

Welllllll… technically my shop is not on Etsy (yet!) and this is a little bit of self-love but I promise you won’t regret giving my Christmas Collection  of minimalist illustrations and typography art a little lookin’. All of them are digital downloads which means your creativity is the limit. Hang them up on the wall (Maybe next to those gorgeous wreaths?), gift them to your other loved minimalists in your tribe or use them to make gorgeous gift tags or greeting cards.

7. DIY Snowflake Patterned Baubles

Now you may be like me where sometimes you are looking for something with a little bit more edge and outside the box. Don’t worry, I got just the thang for you. This incredibly creative idea of upcycling old baubles by fall for diy is nothing short of genius. They instantly transform any old Christmas classics into modern minimalist tree ornament that make a really cool statement on any tree.

8. DIY Minimal Christmas Tree

I am sure we all have seen a lot of minimalist Christmas tree decorating ideas by now, but this uber-modern one ditches the “tree” altogether. Blogger Nalles House used wooden dowels, white lights, and paper ornaments to create this updated Danish Filigrantrae. While we are gonna stick with the genuine greenery in our living room, this is a fabulous idea for small apartments, guest rooms or any place you want to add a bit of holiday cheer without caring for another tree – office space cheer anyone?!

9. Minimalist Christmas Stamps

Ok, this one is another little hybrid. Because you can buy these wonderfully minimalist and whimsical Christmas stamps by creatiate on Etsy to DIY yourself through the entire jolly season… From ornaments to wall decor and gift tags – the DIY sky’s the limit. I especially love the idea of using them for handmade minimalist wrapping paper! <3

10. DIY Geo Hanging Advent Calendar

Now, let’s go back to my love for all things geometric. Something else I have loved since childhood is: origami? I kinda find it very therapeutic and relaxing and these stunning Advent “ornaments” by AMM are perfect for an afternoon of paper folding. Oh and bonus points for you, if you use the technique later to wrap small gifts. 🙂

Now there you have it… some fabulous new inspiration for making your own Christmas just merry and minimalist. Whether you dig DIY or prefer yourself some good old online retail therapy (or a bit of both), I hope this inspired you very jolly indeed.

Oh and PLEASE, if you have links and tutorials to share, comment below because even for a minimalist, there is never too much inspiration flying around!!!

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