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Last night a friend alerted us to the existence of
Bang With Professionals
, a relatedIn-based matchmaking solution and parody of
instantly experience Bang With Friends
, the application that discreetly notifications fb pals of their common appeal. No less than, i really hope Bang With experts is actually a tale. It might be an elaborate pitfall created by prevention-minded HR divisions.

However, quick and
shows that Bang With experts is onto one thing. Intercourse complicates IRL relationships. (
A commenter
points out that banging with pals will invariably deliver some cringing at brunches.) But there are several social media sites — on- and offline — which make for promising banging swimming pools. Like work! And wedding parties!
And Instagram
! When you think it over, the “Bang With” style of matchmaking software has a lot of prospective.

Eg, Bang With Friends is just programmed for heterosexual individuals. Exactly why no Bang With Bros? The college-age creators would use the anonymous-matching system to assist their particular homosexual bros select closeted members of the Greek system. And even though the creators work to make sure Bang With Friends does not suggest banging members of the family, Bang With Distant Cousins could well be


legal. Bang With Trolls may help Internet users take their unique anger out from the reviews part or sub-Reddit and into the bedroom. Instagrammers might make a man or woman off one of many
Wealthy Kids of Instagram
with Bang the only Per Cent. Bang the Bride could allow the brides-to-be venting on forums
one last hurrah. That’s five spinoffs, just off the very top of my personal head, rather than also such as variations regarding the theme, like BangS With Friends (anonymously tell fb pals their particular fiveheads tend to be begging for the
) or


With Friends (arrange discreet watching events of CBS sitcom

The Major Bang Theory


Consider these absolve to anyone who can code — Red Bull and vodka maybe not incorporated.

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