A fun way to bring the terrazzo trend into the merry season

The ``Ingredients``

Terrazzo really has become one of my absolute favorite trends in the past 12 months and finding a way to incorporate it into my favorite season has been so much fun! So let’s get right into it!

What you’ll need:

Step 1

Let’s create those fun terrazzo “chips” by rolling out the colored clay using your rolling pin. Just pinch off a cherry-sized piece each, roll them into a ball which you then flatten.

But wait, there is more ...

Let's add a little extra oomph

For a little more depth and a natural “stone-like” feel, you can create a marble effect in a few simple steps:

  • roll clay of the main color (in my case I used black) into a little sausage
  • roll the secondary color (I the dolphin grey) into a thin “snake”
  • join the two by twisting them around each other
  • keep twisting and now and then break it up to retwist it some more
  • keep going until you have the desired marble effect
  • then roll out as per step 1

Now for the base

For the actual base of our ornaments, I rolled out about a 4×5″ sized piece of white clay.

Back to those chips...

To create the chips from our rolled out clay in step 1 I used a knife to cut them into angular shapes until I was happy with their size and randomness.

And now

we let the confetti rain...

In this step I placed the chips carefully but at random onto the white clay base, making sure I am liking the pattern and size alternations.

Final cut


Now all that’s left is using the cookie cutters to create our ornament shapes and toothpicks to “drill” the holes for the ribbons later.

Baking time

anyone else hungry for cookies at this point? 😉

Last but most importantly, bake your ornaments following the time and temperature instructions on the clay packaging.

I used my AirBake tray for it, but any tray lined with parchment paper will work.

Et voila...

And that’s it. All you have to do is find a skinny ribbon or yarn to thread through the ends. I used black yarn as the rest of my Christmas decoration is black and white.

Love terrazzo too?

… but don’t quite have the time or patience for a DIY? Check out my brand new Terrazzo Collection from my Society6 shop. It’s a great way to incorporate the trend into your home without installing a new floor.

PS: My name is Judith and this is my little slice of the internet. I hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with me from time to time while I ramble on about design, art and of course, lots of romantic minimalism.