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One of the most common questions I get about my Instagram feed is “How did you do that?” A few months ago I set out to create a cohesive feed that is both visually appealing and a total time saver. And now you can do too!


I have enjoyed this new way of posting so much, I decided to create a way for you to get this amazing look too! Not only is it easy to use, but it will also make your Instagram feed look incredibly put together and drop dead gorgeous. You are going to LOVE it!


PLEASE NOTE: This template requires the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator and won’t work on your phone.


# I N S T A G R A M T E M P L A T E

Calling all beauty brands!! Say goodbye to Instagram boredom and hello to the fastest way to owning a unique and cohesive feed that will never have you second guess what to post ever again! Say hello to… THE PUZZLE FEED.

If that term is new to you, take a look at my Instagram here:

Ever since I created my collage, I have been getting many requests from followers and fans, about how I create my feed. Shortly after writing a tutorial here on my blog I realized, there’s gotta be an even easier & faster way for everyone to create their own version.

This template does just that! With an easy to use step-by-step tutorial and neatly organized smart objects, this template makes turning your own Instagram account into a puzzle as easy as applying mascara.

And this one is my largest one yet, with 36 posts in one file and a diamond-inspired design, uniquely set up for those gorgeous before & afters.


# I N S I D E Y O U R D O W N L O A D

1 Photoshop Template

  • 3 x 9 individual posts in one neatly organized PSD file
  • A grid overlay to see where the posts will get sliced
  • A ready to slice file
  • copper foil elements (color customizable)
  • abstract diamond patterns (color customizable)

1 Step-by-step video tutorial

  • How to swap the images using the smart objects
  • How to change the colors
How to output the file into the 36 individual posts with just a few clicks


PLEASE NOTE: This template requires Photoshop and the photos are not included. This template is created with beauty brands in mind, so I do recommend to use your own photo resources as it will allow you to truly create your own brand story on Instagram.

As for the font, this template uses Montserrat + Oswald which are FREE google fonts found here:


# T H I S I S P E R F E C T F O R

Microblade Studios, Hair Salons, Spas, Nail Salons, Beauty Bloggers… and YOU!!! 🙂

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