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SOME A’S to the most frequent q's

An interior designer’s focus is the form and function of a space. We partner with clients to achieve a desired aesthetic and design that enhances their lifestyle. We collaborate with other professionals like architects and contractors as needed, based on the type and scale of the project. As the designer, we select all of the finishes for the home (like tile, fixtures, etc) and furniture. An architect’s expertise is in building and structure, so they’ll be on the project team for additions or new builds. A contractor builds from the design plans created by the architect and designer.

The most important thing to know is that working with an interior designer can be a rewarding, stress-free process. In addition to helping you create a beautiful home, we can define the budget and scope of your project. We also have the connections and recommendations to help you hire the right contractors to complete the work. We take on both renovations and new builds but also furnishings and soft good selections.

I present my designs in two phases/meetings. First, the concept phase (think mood boards and material samples) then, phase two is all about the fully realized design, which I’ll walk you through space by space. I use a mix of 2D and  3D renderings to help you visualize your new space. Revisions are built into both stages of the design process. You and your feedback are going to be at the front and center of this process and together with my expertise we will create the spaces you always envisioned – together.

OF COURSE! My job is to create beautiful designs, taking into consideration the client’s perspective, lifestyle, and goals for the home. I love hearing about the way you live in your home. It’s a collaborative process, and nothing is more satisfying for me than creating a space that genuinely represents my clients’ lives and stories. And unless you are specifially asking for one, you wont get a HGTV style surprise reveal. 🙂

I do offer interior design and renovation services outside of NOVA! The process is similar for local or distance work. For my out-of-state clients, I build in additional virtual meetings and utilize virtual presentation tools as an extra measure to ensure that everything is going to plan.