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Judith Oaten is a Fairfax, VA based Interior Designer from Dessau, Germany. She started her international career in London, UK in Marketing and Branding and later gained attention for her commercial interior spaces she created in Honolulu, HI, where she transformed restaurants, retail spaces, offices and more. However she’s always felt a strong desire to eventually work in domestic interior design, helping people create their dream home.


“I feel myself come alive when designing a space. From problem solving to artistic expression, the process fills my heart with joy. Bringing a client’s vision to life, and seeing them happy, is among the most rewarding feelings. I believe that good interior design allows us to feel comfortable, but great interior design is where we uncover what is most important to us. Whether it’s a grand dining room to gather with friends and loved ones, a home library to dive into a best selling novel, or a kitchen to brave baking with a toddler. It’s within a well-designed home that we create great memories and harness love.” – JO

let’s design your togetherness

Feeling inspired and curious to learn more about my design approach? Loving the idea to work together? I want to hear it all. Let’s make your space YOUR HOME – together! 🙂